Our newest offering? Mindspoon. Mindspoon comes in two flavors: IBCLC Exam Prep and AP Biology. Available for iPhone and Android. Coming this summer: a College Biology content update.

NotABook is developing serious, educational games and apps for use by individuals and teams.

Users explore our games and learn by seeking information, thinking critically, tying clues to learned facts, and forming solid, evidence-based decisions.

The games

  • are based on principles established by educational research
  • involve library searching
  • demand and teach critical thinking
  • give explanations to responses as dynamic feedback
  • incorporate features that support literacy
  • support collaboration

Contact Information:

NotABook Publishing, Inc.

123 North Ashley, Suite 202B

Ann Arbor, MI 48104-5802

Phone (leave message): 734-769-0272

FAX: 734-661-4030